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【About Farm life by Abby】

《 国籍(Nationality):オーストラリア(Australia) 》

⭐️ 仕事内容(Job description)

The job is pretty easy and doesn’t require any previous farming experience. Every task that is given to you can be picked up pretty easy with enough attention and effort. The most difficult aspect I believe is just physical endurance. I worked though out the season when the cabbages where being harvested which meant my job mostly included harvesting cabbages. The job does get monotonous, and tiering in the heat however it is definitely very doable,( and you do get breaks -don’t worry)

Other parts of the job that I parcipated in during summer was weeding, spreading hay and gardening mulch, harvesting other vegetables (they looked like water melons but something different- can’t remember the name)

⭐️ 1日のスケジュール(Daily routine)

The daily routine consisted of arriving ready at the farm at 7:30 You would work until 12 or 1 where you get an hour break. After that you would continue to work until 4:30 ( small breaks are scattered in between as well)

⭐️ファームで働いていて困ったこと・大変だったこと( Difficult thing when you work at the farm)

The hardest thing I would definitely say is just the physical endurance but also sometimes the mental endurance as well, however after a day or two you will be fine (so just like any other job). But I do recommend bring along you phone to listen to music and maybe a podcast or two. But apart from that it’s pretty chill as long as you work hard and put in the effort.

⭐️ 良かった点(Good point of working at the farm)

It is definitely a lovely atmosphere working outside on the farm and despite the weather sometimes being a little unpleasant you find your self often surrounded by beautiful scenery. Everyone who worked they is really friendly, kind and compassionate. They are always willing to take the extra time to make sure you understand everything even if it’s completely non work related and it’s just a part of a casual conversation your having while working( they would often stop and pull out a google translate to explain things as simple as the plot to Naruto)

⭐️農業生活・牛窓、ユニハウスでの生活(About farm life and living in Uni.House in Ushimado )

It’s also a great environment living in Ushimado. Everything is very chilled and the locals are incredibly friendly. Great vibe and awesome break from the city. The guesthouse definitely has a very warm and homely feel to it, with great hosts. Definitely something completely different from the typical Japan trip which I highly recommend. You get to see another side of Japanese life and culture, which I believe most travelers don’t get to experience. So yeah – go for it


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