Uni.House / ユニハウス

【About Farm life by Hono】

《 国籍(Nationality):日本(japan) 》



Job description:

Our main job was picking and packing vegetables. In addition, we prepared soil,  planted seeds, and pulled weeds.


8:00 起床

8:30 Uni.House 出発

9:00 – 17:00 ファーム

18:00 – 自由時間

22:00 就寝

Daily routine:

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Leave Uni.House

9:00 – 17:00 Farm

18:00 – Free time

22:00 Bed time






Difficult thing when you work at the farm:


I took a drivers licence a few years ago, but I didn’t get used to driving since there wasn’t much opportunity to drive in my hometown. There were a lot of situations to use a car, so I was nervous to drive at first.


Many things are needed to work at the farm comfortably. In addition to hat, boots and clothes, I found some more useful things such as thin pants and jackets to slip on to protect from dirt and cold weather. Preparing these things was a bit difficult.



Good point of working at the farm:

It is difficult to imagine how food comes to our life in daily life. Working and learning at the farm as producers and consumers, it makes me interested about food more and more. I learned that agriculture is not only producing vegetables, but also has a connection with a variety field such as education, health, and welfare. I felt the importance and potential of agriculture, I want to learn about it deeply.






About farm life and living in Uni. House in Ushimado:

Farm life

As Okayama is called “The land of sunshine”, I was happy to work almost everyday under the sunshine. Every vegetable has different features, it was interesting to learn them from seeds. Especially, broccoli has huge stems and leaves, shape and colour is beautiful, I am a big fan of broccoli now. Eating fresh and delicious vegetables made my energy everyday!

Ushimado, Uni. House life

Ushimado has a relaxing atmosphere. If I walk a little, there will be a beautiful beach, historial town and temples and shrines, and unique cafes and restaurants. I enjoyed staying in Ushimado and having a slow living. Uni. House is a unique and interesting place. There are people who have different backgrounds, spending time with them inspires me and broaden my outlook.


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