Uni.House / ユニハウス

【About Farm life by Nick】

《 国籍(Nationality):カナダ(Canada) 》

★ 仕事内容 (Job description)
Planting, picking, packing, and otherwise maintenance of crops

★1日のスケジュール(Daily routine)
Depends on the season and what needs to be done, but a average work day might start with some planting. We almost always harvest and we typically finish by packing what was harvested that day. My schedule was 9am-5pm including two breaks (10am and 3pm) with lunchbreak at noon

★ファームで働いていて困ったこと・大変だったこと(Difficult thing when you work at the farm)
At times farm work can be labour-intensive, or tedious. Also the summer heat is difficult to bear.

★良かった点(Good point of working at the farm)
Ive developed an interest for agriculture and I understand much better the work it takes to grow food and get it to the supermarket. I feel I take fruits and vegetables less for granted now.

★農業生活・牛窓、ユニハウスでの生活(About farm life and living at Uni.House in Ushimado )
I feel these places are genuine. The staff at the farm are very welcoming (even for a Canadian with next to no Japanese). I really like our boss, good leader and role model. Living at Unihouse in Ushimado is very cozy, you mingle with new people all the time whilst creating close relationships with your housemates. If you need some alone time people respect your space. The locals in Ushimado are fun and social people. They’re always happy to see a new face in their beautiful seaside town.

★感想なんでも(Any feelings)
I’ve spent a lot of time at the farm and Uni house and I really enjoy the pace my life has taken. Ive been productive all the whilst enjoying slow life.


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