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【About Farm life by Emily】

《 国籍(Nationality):アルゼンチン(Argentine) 》

★ 仕事内容 (Job description)
Harvesting and preparing soil for seeds, planting and picking seasonal vegetables, packing manually, etc.

★1日のスケジュール(Daily routine)
Routine will depend on amount of staff members each day. The day will include picking and packing the majority of the day, but it might also include planting for vegetables the next season or preparing the soil among other duties.

★ファームで働いていて困ったこと・大変だったこと(Difficult thing when you work at the farm)
It is a physical job and even though strength is not mandatory, consistency is required to maintain a good work. There will be hard work days but it’s mostly due to the weather. If you have the correct clothing and prepare for the task, there will be no problem.

★良かった点(Good point of working at the farm)
There are several things that I appreciated a lot from this job that I consider essential for any good environment. My colleagues were supportive and warm. They were patience, they explained and demonstrated each new labour and always with a smile they responded me when I still had questions. They were profesional and it was a pleasure to learn their work ethic. Even though I don’t speak the language, we communicated and shared lots of stories and experiences. They make you feel included and truly part of a team that works better together. Another good reason about this opportunity is that I learned about agriculture even though I didn’t have a previous knowledge about this career. You learn to appreciate more about the process, the final product and the people involved. I loved working outside in the field. There were cold days, rain days, boiling hot days but I enjoyed all those moments and I will never forget them. Our manager was kind and generous, yet strict in work instructions. I think he is a visionary with good intentions and has an amazing dedication and looks after his work and his workers.

★農業生活・牛窓、ユニハウスでの生活(About farm life and living at Uni.House in Ushimado )
I’ve decided to extend 2 more months of my stay because I enjoyed working at this farm so much. Farm life might feel tiring some days but mentally is rewarding and positive.


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