Uni.House / ユニハウス


Message from Owner


UNI.HOUSE is a small guesthouse. It is traditional house that has been renovated, which is located in Ushimado, Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture.

“A random encounter can enrich your trip and life”

“Meeting with lots of different people” will add color to your trip and future.

An old lady talked to us when we were walking on the street of Ushimado,
We became friends with an old man who was feeding stray cats at a shrine we happened to stumble upon,
We went out drinking with people who were staying in the same room of the guesthouse,

UNI.HOUSE cherishes the connections and time spent with other people.

Also, meeting many people from different generations, academic backgrounds, nationalities, and genders will lead to life opportunities to expand ones potential.
Let’s enjoy every moment here and now together.

I hope UNI.HOUSE is a place that everyone loves and wants to come back to.
We aim to have many travelers, from all over the world, and locals gather here, talking, thinking, laughing together, and making everyday special, by being a guesthouse full of love.

We hope that all of you will join our staff and friendly locals in enjoying a relaxed time at our guesthouse and in and around the Ushimado area.
I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you.