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【EVENT INFO:Beach Picnic 】

Event: Picnic at the Beach

Date: September 15th, 2019

Time: 11:00AM ~ 2:00PM

Location: Uni.House

2321-2 Ushimado, Ushimadocho, Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture

Price: ¥2500 includes BBQ, Drink, and Picnic Foods

*Please RSVP in advance to let us know if you coming on the Beach Picnic event contact details are located below.

*If it is raining the event will be cancelled and we will let everyone know the morning of the event by 7:00 or 8:00AM by both Facebook and the Uni.house homepage.

Directions from Okayama Station

🚃(Train)Okayama Station 9:25 – Oku Station 9:49 arrive → 🚌(Bus)Oku Station going 10:05 – Ushimado last stop 10:27 arrive

During the BBQ and Picnic we will be eating/cooking some delicious food as well as picnic snacks right on the beach, can’t get a better atmosphere. After the BBQ and the picnic we can all grab some coffee, drink, explore the town, or relax together it is up to what everyone wants to do. The atmosphere will definitely be relaxed such is the way of Ushimado. The water is pretty warm as well on the beach and swimming is always a good option to cool off and enjoy the beautiful sunshine of Okayama! We look forward to seeing and interacting with all of you at the Picnic at the Beach event! (^.^)V

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and if you would like to RSVP.

Yuri Yamaguchi / Uni.house

TEL : 080-1647-9754

MAIL : uni.houseee@gmail.com

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