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【EVENT INFO:Camping Trip on Maejima】

Event: Camping Trip on Osafune

Date: 9/22/19 to 9/23/19

Time: 9/22/19 Meetup at 14:00 until 9/23/19 at 11:00.

Location: Uni.House 2321-2 Ushimado, Ushimadocho, Setouchi City,Okayama Prefecture

Price: ¥5000 including camping, bbq food, and drink

*Price does not include the cost of the ferry, which is around ¥500

*Please RSVP in advance to let us know if you coming on the camping trip contact details located below.

Directions from Okayama Station

🚃(Train) Okayama Station 12:23 – Oku Station 12:48 arrive

→ 🚌(Bus)Oku Station going 13:00 – Ushimado last stop 13:22 arrive

*Meet up in front of Uni.house at 14:00 on 9/22/19

*We will be returning to Uni.house at 11:00 on 9/23/19.

*We will be camping out through the night so make sure to bring the appropriate attire.

Uni.house would like to welcome fellow guests and individuals to come camping on Osafune together a beautiful camping site located near Ushimado and experience the true beauty of the natural environment of Okayama.

Because Uni.house has been extremely busy in its development there has not been time for a welcoming party for the volunteer staff and this camping trip will serve as the welcoming party.

*We will be cooking together on a bbq, camping through the night in tents, sharing drinks, and when the sunsets we also have fireworks to light off together to truly create a truly Japanese memory.

*If it is raining the event will be cancelled and we will let everyone know the morning of the event by 7:00 or 8:00AM by both Facebook and the Uni.house homepage.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and if you would like to RSVP.

Yuri Yamaguchi / Uni.house

TEL : 080-1647-9754

MAIL : uni.houseee@gmail.com

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