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I made a new best friend!


Some of you might already know me, but my name is Irina. I am 21 years old and come from Belgium. (Yes, the country with the waffles, chocolate and most important: beer! :3)

It’s been a bit more than a week since I am in Japan, but it already feels like I am living here for years. It would be nice if that feeling would become reality one day.

Anyways one of my favorite spots is a shrine near the guesthouse I call the “nekojinja” (cat shrine). Why do I call it that? Because the shrine is full with cute cats! There I made my very best friend, a cat who I call Sissy. Sissy was the first cat to come to me and cuddle with me. For some reason he also likes my bag, even if there isn’t any food in it. Everytime I go there, he goes to my bag and rolls around on it. He also comes to me and climbs on me from time to time. Yes, although I am more pf a dog person, Sissy definitly gained a spot in my heart.

So if you visit Ushimado, you should definitly take a look at the nekojinja, maybe even bring some catsnacks with you. The cats are being taken care of volunteers who need to feed the cats on a specific time during the day. If you’re lucky you can even see small kittens!

Oh well that’s about it of what I can tell of this favorite spot of mine. Thank you for reading is and maybe we can even go to the shrine together should you come to visit. ^w^

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