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A walk on the Venusroad

Coming to Japan, I never thought I get to walk on a road between 2 islands that only appears when the tide is low in Ushimado. I also didn’t have to think twice when mr. Daisuke from Harenote invited me. It definitly was an experience I wont forget. Also the boatride to get to one of the 2 islands itself was pretty fun and a nice view.

When I arrived on the island, I noticed there were many unbroken seashells, which I love to collect so that’s the first thing I did. Then me and mr. Daisuke started to walk on the famous Venusroad. The road was very clear, but it’s in the sea afterall so don’t think you’ll come out with your legs dry. Still it was a fun way to walk and we were very lucky with a warm sunny weather.

Getting to the 2nd island, we found the famous heartstones, which is said if you find those you’ll have a wonderful love life. This is also the reason why many couples come to Ushimado, just to walk this road. I can’t tell yet if the stones truly work out their magic power, but hey who knows maybe soon something might happen… 😉 .

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