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A Gaijin’s Perspective on Ushimado Pt. 2

My life in Ushimado is slowly evolving as the time passes on ever so slowly. It is truly the country style life here where life is simple and everyday passes and fades into the next with little to worry about regarding the future. I have made many new friends through my stay at Uni.house not only guests but also through the locals and the mix of personalities they hold. This mixture of personalities is something special from the most serious of people, who barely smile and maintain a flat affect, to the most energetic and eccentric of individuals. This mix is something special that adds the life to the town more than the sites, the history, the appeal points it is the people that make Ushimado the place it is.

I often times finding myself walking down the streets of Ushimado while the night is still young. During these times I feel the true charm of Ushimado, as I set my phone aside and look up to truly experience the moment. I smell the fresh scent of the Seto inland sea as a subtle fall breeze brushes across my face. A mix of the ocean smell, with a little bit of salt, a slight hint of fish, and the fresh smell of sea life, while I am imagining the life of a seafaring fisherman. In the distance I hear the sound of families settling down for the night with the smell of home cooking, and the mother talking to her children in a kind and comforting voice only used within the home. The dim lights shine through the windows as the busy life of the individuals settles down for the day and the sounds of sizzling pans and happy laughter fade into the distance. In between these times the melodies sung by the crickets fill my ears. I feel the sea breeze flow across my face once again and it is at the time when I realize how lucky I am to be alive and experiencing this moment in its fullest form. This is why I live and this is why I have fallen in love with Ushimado.

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