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The Fall festival

I thought the festival season in Japan would be over by now, so I was glad when I heard that there is a fall festival as wel. Even better, I got invited to participate myself! Basicaly what I did was helping pull the ropes of a big boat dressed up with Japanese traditional accessoires while children were playing music inside. When we got a break, people where always ready with free alcohol and sometimes even free food. That’s why by the end of the day most people get drunk which is also a funny sight.

There’s also a tradition that the men participating wear women’s kimonos and some even a wig and make-up! During lunch our neighbour even offered me a kimono to wear as well. It was a nice experience for me, too bad it got all wet soon after wearing it when I got thrown into a pool. Yes, I got thrown into a pool, but I love those kind of pranks so that definitly didn’t bother me thou it was a little bit cold when the sun was behind the clouds.

All in all it was a nice day, with lots of free alcohol, delicious food and most important a nice atmosphere with lots of fun people!

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