Uni.House / ユニハウス

A Gaijin’s Perspective on Ushimado Pt. 3

Another week passes by in Ushimado and yet more memories are created. Time flows at a different pace here with the weeks melding together yet so much happens inbetween. The new memories made with new friends are treasured as the old memories remain but slightly fade into the distance to make room for the new experiences.
The Kanpai’s are regular and the laughs we share hold a special place resonating within the soul. Through the darkness you can see the faint lights of Uni.House and hear the quite echos of conversations travel through the night. This is a house of memories and experiences one feels and as you walk through the doors you become a part of those memories adding to the collective mood of this special place. And when the time for good byes come one leaves with a friendly smile and a long wave in the air knowing that their contribution to the collective memory of the house is one that is indelible. Lets keep the time rolling and the good memories flowing with the steady stream of time.

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