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Thank you Ushimado!

Coming to Japan alone for 3 months was a big step for me to take. But I’m glad I chose to go live in Ushimado. Because even thou I went alone, I never felt alone living together with Yuri and Andrew. In normal life knowing people for 2 months isn’t that long, but living together with them for 2 months is long. You get to see their daily habits, what they like or don’t like, their good and bad days. It’s basicaly living like a small family, even when you’re not blood related. And I’m glad Yuri and Andrew were my family members for 2 months.

Not only them, but also the locals made me feel at home and welcome. Coming by almost everyday to give some food or just have a chat over tea. I also love how peope greet eachother there when they’re walking down the street, even when they don’t know eachother. I’m also glad they gave me the oppertunity to help out with their fall matsuri. It is definitly a day I will always remember.

I will also always remember the cat shrine I went almost everyday. I went there so many times that by the end I knew every cat, what which cat likes and don’t like. Helped them out of trees when they couldn’t get out, … . I also talked and helped out the volunteer, ojisan, who takes care of these cats everyday. I hope when I come back to Ushimado we’ll meet again.

All by all I will remember Ushimado most for its kind locals. Who took me out, talked with, eaten together, … . And I want to thank Yuri, the owner of the guest house, for giving me the opperunity to live there. It’s definitly a journey I’m bound to remember and gave me a new perspective in life, which helps me to grow more and standing tough in life.

Thank you Ushimado, for being such a nice place!


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