Uni.House / ユニハウス

【Ushimado Experience by Nate】

We’re taking a trip to Ushimado shrine just ten minutes away from the Uni.house. The entrance to the shrine begins right next to the beach. There is a long flight of old concrete stairs leading up the hill. The stairs are surrounded by a dense forest that covers the hill. I love this scenery because it feels so peaceful and majestic.

When you reach the top of the first flight of stairs there is a great view of the ocean where you can see Maejima and other islands in the sea. Also there is a lookout post that lets you see Ushimado and the rest of the valley. I love to stop here and take a break from walking up the stairs and enjoy the scenery.

Now as you keep walking you enter the dense forest again and begin the second flight of stairs. I like these stairs because it’s shorter than the first flight of stairs and I’m closer to the shrine. Once we make it up the stairs we see the shrine! I love this shrine because it is surrounded by the forest and is at the peak of the hill. I like to wash my hands and make my way to the shrine and look inside of it. Also it’s so close to the Uni.house that I can go everyday.


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