Uni.House / ユニハウス

【Ushimado Experience by Maisie】

Ushimado is a peaceful seaside town away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This slow little fishing village is home mainly to elerdly residents and cats, although there’s plenty to do as a tourist and the weekends are bustling with sightseers from all over Japan. The scenery around Ushimado is beautiful, from the quiet sandy beach and cool mountain shrines to the abundance of cats in and around the town, there is something new to enjoy each day.

Uni.house is just a stone’s throw from Ushimado beach and it’s biggest shrine. In the spring the cherry blossom blooms all along the coastline, creating flashes of pink and white among the trees. The house itself is a traditional Japanese style, with tatami rooms and a cozy heated table to gather around when the nights are chilly. The 15 min walk to the nearest supermarket is a picturesque stroll along the coast, and the sunset view is stunning. Along the way you can stop at a smaller shrine and see the local cats be fed each evening. They’re quite friendly.

The best way to see Ushimado is from the top of the Olive Garden viewpoint, which boasts stunning 360 views all the way to Himeji and Kagawa prefecture.

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