Uni.House / ユニハウス

【Uni.House experience by Abby】

Uni-house is truley a wonderfully unique place… as its name sake suggests. I came here, having left home for the first time, to a bunch of strangers; who unbeknown to me I would end up seeing as family within three months. Apart from spending my time in a beautiful village close to paradise, I also had the opportunity to experience snippets of Japanese culture from our kind and wonderful neighbours. Additionally, I had the pleasure to meet people from a variety of places from all around the world, as well as getting to know myself as a person away from the busy life I had back home.

Living in Uni-house was wonderful. I wasn’t just a tourist looking in from the out side. I got to be apart of the Japanese community and experience snippets of everyday to day life, thanks to our wonderful neighbours who showed us the different perks of Ushimado. They included us in, tako hunting, tirps out on the wate,r and simply just hanging out by the bbq sharing a drink, or two (or maybe more). They always took care of me and made me feel welcomed; which ment alot to me, being the first time I was traveling alone without my family.


And despite coming to Japan without my family, I still ended up finding one. And in a sense I guess I fell into the Uni-house family, one where I had six older sibling, (and very quickly gained empathy for my little sister). And, in being part of this strange mashed up family, with its members from all corners of the globe, (with a strong empathise on the slavain corner of the globe), I got to experience different ways of thinking and schools of thought. In a way it helped me to see the world from a different perspective outside of my own background and upbringing.

Being apart of Uni-house enabled me to experience a different lifestyle away from the expectations from home which usually hold many people down. In a sense I was able to just exist without the constant drive to be moving forward education and career wise. Without these, self reflection was able to happen I guess and I was able to compare the way I viewed the world with other schools of thought.

My time in Uni-house house I would describe as a peaceful roller coaster. I have gotten to experience so much but without the whirl wind of terro which often comes with learning and experiencing new cultures. I’ve been able to step out side of my busy life back home and see things from different light.

And all i can really say is thankyou uni house!!


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