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【Ushimado experience by Abby】

Ushimado, to simply to put it, is a beautiful escape from reality. Three months have passed before I realised how easily I had lost myself here. Even throughout the time when the rest of the world was panicked about covid 19, I was chill in Ushimado; almost sheiled from the worlds chaos. I was lost here in the tranquil scenery and community filled with friendly faces.

Multiple times I would adventure out on a ‘short’ afternoon stroll only to find myself returning to uni house after dark. The scenery in Ushimado is so diverse: from strolling past fields, wandering across rock pools and walking through jungle like greenery. It became so easy to lose myself in the serenity of Ushimado. Additionaly, Ushimado vastly contrasted the suburban environment of home, with much mundane concert and bland neighborhoods.

The pace of life is also one that allows you to actually stop and enjoy the little things. You can wander around the streets and temples with no need to rush. If you don’t see everything you want to see that day, there is always mañana( tomorrow) . nothing in Ushimado is changing in a hurry, and that’s part of the beauty of it. An afternoon can pass you by on the beach and you don’t need to fill the guilt of not having gone and sightsee every temple in the area, ( which by the way, there is a lot).

In saying this, you don’t have to feel restricted to the small town, as Ushimado has so much to see. Despite being able to take things slow, you never need to feel bored. Apart from the endless number of temples which, to my surprise, I kept finding throughout my stay in Ushimado. There are a variety of delicious cafes, fun places to go such as the beach, and new exciting experiences to be had, such as tako hunting.

Ushimado is a place that everyone can go to escape the pressure of life. A perfect place where one can stop and observe life with no need to rush or ever feel judged. For me, Ushimado was a beautiful escape where I was able to lose myself in the moment and recharge my batteries. Somewhere I guess I am proud to have called home for the past three months.


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