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【Ushimado experience by Emily】

Ushimado. What a charming place.

Locals will greet you with a smile or a simple (yet warm) nod. They love fiahing and coffee. Small and quiet streets, sunny spots and nature.

My favourite coffee shop so far is Teraya Café. It’s the personality of the place that captured my attention.

There is also a fantastic temple very close, almost hidden, with an extraordinary view.

I love the mistery and the connection that cats have with sacred places. The relation between animals and the spirit world has always intrigued me. 

I am still trying to decide if i prefer the sunrise or the sunsets here. Even at night you can see the stars on a clear sky. Every once in a while, you can catch fireworks from Hotel Limani. A beautiful white building that looks like a painting with the reflection of the sky and ocean. Just lovely.

Now if you really want a good panoramic view, Olive Garden is your place to visit. The air is fresh and the smell of green is recharging.

Ushimado is really beautiful. One of my favourite hobbies to do here is just simply walking around the town, listening to music and stopping to have mini breaks of sun and feeling that everything is going to be just fine.



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