Uni.House / ユニハウス


Inquiry & Reservations: 050-1099-0537
( 9AM – 9PM )


Check-in time 4PM – 9PM
Check-out time 10AM

*Please E-mail us if you believe you are going to arrive later than 9PM.
*Credit Cards are accepted. Please pay at check-in.
*Check-in after 11PM will add an additional fee of 1000 JPY.
*We are unavailable after midnight.
*Luggage storage is available before and after Check-in and Check-out.
*Tax is excluded from the prices displayed.
*You can get a 500JPY discount with a student identification card. Please show it at check-in.
*Smoking is forbidden in the guesthouse except in designated smoking areas located outside.
*Rooms do not have private bathrooms and showers. All shower rooms and lavatories are shared by our guests.
*Lights out at 23:00. You can use the living room, kitchen, and shower room until that time.
*We have no curfew but quiet time is between 9PM and 7AM, please be considerate of the neighbors and other guests.
*Policy on Valuables
Guests are asked to secure their luggage and valuables by themselves. In the rare case that something is lost or damaged, we accept no responsibility and/or liability.
*6 year olds and up count as 1 person. Under 6 years old who are being provided with an extra futon mat count as 1 person. Under 6 years old being provided with no extra futon mat are free.
*Pick up service at Oku Station
Please ask us in advance by using the booking form. If you have big luggage, miss the last bus, or for any other reason. Will will provide a pick up by car.

*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us during our business hours.

Cancel Policy

*A 50% cancellation fee for the room or bed will be charged if you cancel your reservation 3 day prior to your reservation date.
( After 9PM will be processed as the next working day )
*100% cancellation fee of the room or bed will be charged if you cancel your reservation on your check in date.